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A typical work day with DeepToad

Sometimes, I receive so many malware samples that it turns out to be imposible (or at least inhuman) to analyze all the samples by hand and I need to automate the typical (boring) tasks: Clusterization of the samples in smaller sets and initial (and superficial) analysis of the different samples. For the first task I created DeepToad, a tool to clusterize any kind of file using fuzzy hashing techniques.

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Antiemulation Techniques (Malware Tricks II)

From time to time, when reversing malware, I find new antiemulation techniques as they are widely used by malware to evade detection by AVs that uses emulation, however, it seems that no one wrote about them maybe because there are a lot or, maybe, because they aren’t very interesting. Anyway, a friend and I decided to look for antiemulation techniques and we found a bunch of them in just about 2 days. Surprise. Well, the following is a list of antiemulation techniques “found” by us.
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Analyzing PDF exploits with Pyew

Something I really hate to do when analyzing PDF malware exploits is to manually extract the streams and manually decode them to see the, typically, hidden JavaScript code, so I decided to extend the PDF plugin for Pyew to automatically see them. Now, with the new version of the plugin (download it from the Mercurial repository) we can see what filters are used in the exploit and, the most important thing, we can see the decoded streams, independently of how many filters are being used.
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