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Owning Unix and Windows systems with a (somewhat) limited vulnerability

Auditing a product recently I noticed a curious scenario where I control the following:

  • Unix based: The limited vulnerability allows one to create any file as root controlling the contents of that file. I can even overwrite existing files.
  • Windows based: The vulnerability allows one to execute an operating system command but doesn’t allow, for some reason, copying files as the Unix vulnerability allows.

In the next paragraphs I will explain how one could exploit such somewhat limited scope vulnerabilities in order to execute remote arbitrary code in the context of the running application (root under Unix and SYSTEM under Windows). In any case, I’ll also explain the opposite case: one can execute an arbitrary operating system command in Unix based systems but can’t create an arbitrary file in the system and one can create an arbitrary file anywhere in the system in Windows operating systems but cannot execute an arbitrary command.
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Simple Bug Finding Tools: Fugue (I)

It’s been a while since I started writing, as a personal ‘research’ project, a tool to automatically find bugs (that could lead to vulnerabilities) performing static code analysis and, even when it will take a very long while until I have something decent to release to the general public, I have some -I hope interesting- thoughts about the tool I’m writing: Fugue.

This tool uses CLang as the parser (as I do not have a rich uncle to get a license for EDG) and everything else is being written in Python: the translator to convert the CLang AST to my internal representation, the translator to convert other tools generated ASTs to that internal representation, the builder of the CFG, the SSA code generator, etc… Its in the very early stages at the moment but, more or less, it works for writing very simple scanners, as in the following example.

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